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    10 Essential Kettlebell Exercises

    by Sam Franklin

    Exercise Guide

    As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, it looks like we’re going to be in a state of lockdown for the foreseeable future.

    But, just because the gym is closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home.

    If you’re looking for a workout that offers aerobic as well as strength-building benefits (and will make you look good), you can’t go wrong with kettlebell training.

    Whether you’re new to weight training or you’re searching for a new challenge, here are the 10 best kettlebell exercises to do during lockdown.

    1. The renegade row

    Renegade rows are excellent for strengthening your upper back while burning fat. Placing your kettlebells on the floor should width-apart, adopt a straight-armed pushup position. Using one hand to hold yourself in position, perform rowing lifts with the other, and alternate. If you’re an experienced strength trainer we recommend using robust 20KG kettlebells for this demanding floor-based exercise.

    2. The pushup

    This most effective of lockdown kettlebell exercises is essentially a deeper version of the traditional pushup. Simply place your kettlebells on the floor, shoulder-width apart and perform reps of pushups, making sure that you dip your body just below the tops of your kettlebells for optimum results.

    3. The snatch

    An incredible tricep and shoulder toner, the kettlebell snatch is an essential lockdown training exercise. Place one weight between your legs and use one arm to lift it to shoulder height, before thrusting it above your head and locking your arm tight. Repeat this several times with both arms.

    4. The swing

    A movement that is unique to kettlebell weights, the swing will work wonders for all of your upper leg muscle groups as well as your core. 

    Stand above your kettlebell in a rowing position with your knees flexed, and use both hands to swing the weight between your legs before pulling it upwards level with your shoulders in a smooth, fluent motion. Repeat at your leisure. 

    Before you do any kind of kettlebell swing activity, you should check out this guide to common kettlebell swing mistakes.

    5. The farmer’s walk

    The kettlebell farmer’s walk is brilliant because it’s low impact, it gets your joints moving, and it provides an evenly distributed full-body workout. Simply pick up a pair of kettlebells, keep your arms tensed, and walk backwards and forwards inside the house. A real lockdown winner.

    6. The goblet squat

    Imagine a traditional squat but clasping one kettlebell around chest height—that’s a goblet squat in a nutshell. A powerful lower-body and glutes maximiser, the goblet squat should be a firm staple of your lockdown kettlebell exercise list.

    7. The pistol squat

    For improved core strength, leg muscle, and posture, the pistol squat is your friend. It’s a lot like a traditional kettlebell squat but you squat one leg at a time with the other leg straight out in front of you. Simple yet challenging—and brilliant for your body, full stop.

    8. The thruster

    The perfect arms, shoulders, legs, and glutes combo, kettlebell thrusters are a combination of squat and shoulder thrusters—like this:

    9. The floor press

    The kettlebell floor press is essential for building your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest. Lie on the floor, get a firm grip on both kettlebells, and push them up above your body at shoulder level. This is essentially a bench press with kettlebells and is a must for your lockdown exercise regime.

    10. The singular swing

    Last but certainly not least, we visit the singular or one-armed swing. This is the same as the classic kettlebell swing, except you perform the exercise one arm at a time, preferably with a smaller weight.

    Doing the traditional and singular swing as part of your kettlebell routine will ensure you give your core and abs the best possible workout without having to leave the house—so add them both to your list.

    We hope these essential lockdown exercises help you to look and feel great if you want to invest in a quality kettlebell or two, visit our online store.

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