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    Cast Iron Kettlebell,
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    Shop Cast Iron Kettlebells

    The all new Original Kettlebell complements your full body workout with the cardio you crave. Access our free workout guides and kettlebell tutorials to build your routine and get the most immersive fitness experience right from the comfort of home.

    12kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

    UK Made 12kg Kettlebell
    From £59.99

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    16kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

    UK Made 16kg Kettlebell
    From £69.99

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    20kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

    UK Made 20kg Kettlebell
    From £89.99

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    Digital exercises that let you train at home.

    Explore our kettlebell exercise guides
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    Shop Adjustable Dumbbell

    The Original Kettlebell Adjustable Dumbbell is the ultimate home gym dumbbell for those looking for a serious workout. Our loadable plate system enables you to increase the weight range from 10kg all the way to 40kg with a single dumbbell.

    30kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set

    Includes 2 Bars & 20 x 2.5kg Plates (60kg total)

    Fully Adjustable


    40kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set

    Includes 2 Bars & 28 x 2.5kg Plates (80kg total)

    Fully Adjustable


    Shop Racks & Rigs

    Sturdy, well built home and commercial gym racks designed and made here in the UK. All racks are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Shop Racks Now.

    Adjustable Home Squat Rack

    1800mm Squat Rack 60x60mm Box Construction
    From £415


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    Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

    2400mm Squat Rack & Pull Up Bar 75x75mm Box Construction
    From £549

    Totally Adjustable

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    Half Power Rack

    2400mm Half Power Rack 75x75mm Box Construction
    From £599


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    About Original Kettlebell

    Original Kettlebell is the leading provider of UK-made home and commercial fitness equipment. We offer an unrivalled range of UK-made exclusive products and premium gym equipment. 

    Born out of necessity during the first UK lockdown as, like many others, we struggled to find the equipment we needed to stay fit. We are passionate about keeping people fit, in the tough times and the good.

    Since launch in 2020, we’ve grown quickly and are proudly extending our range of good quality, UK-made products. Our team of industry experts are trained and experienced in using our equipment, so we can offer you expert advice before, during, or after a purchase. 

    Unlike many home and commercial gym equipment companies, our supply chain is 100% UK-based. While that can mean that some (not all) of our products have a premium price point, we believe that the quality is far superior to the majority of imported goods. 

    We are proud to work solely with UK suppliers, especially given the extraordinary year we’ve all been through. We work with a range of UK manufacturers, from foundries in Northampton to machine shops in the Midlands. 

    We’ve sold so much gym equipment, we’ve had local businesses working at capacity and even running night shifts to keep up with the demand. That meant less people out of work and on furlough.

    We think that’s a win for everyone. 

    A Leading UK-Made Brand of Home and Commercial Gym Equipment

    Due to our UK supply, we aren’t the cheapest option, but we offer exclusive UK-made products, which you will not find anywhere else in the UK. Our range of home and commercial fitness equipment includes cast iron kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, racks and rigs, with weight plates, barbells, and much more functional training equipment coming soon. 

    You can be assured we offer the best quality products and the best possible prices on all of our fitness equipment. We offer affordable UK-wide shipping in the fastest time. 

    Home and Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment Range

    Cast Iron Kettlebells

    The Original Kettlebell is designed to offer a new standard in kettlebells. With an e-coat finish, as well as other premium features, this bell is designed to allow you to workout harder for longer. 

    The e-coat finish is ultra tough even for the toughest of workouts, with the thinnest of coats to eliminate any rubbing points while you workout.

    Like a competition bell, our handles are consistently sized across the range of sizes so you can scale up your workouts, without sacrificing comfort.

    The bases are extra wide and CNC-machined to make them uber-stable. Don’t worry about balance with even the most complex or hardest exercises. 

    Original: Cast Iron Kettlebells

    We will be expanding our range of sizes soon. 

    Racks and Rigs

    To use your training space to the max, consider adding an Original rack or rig. Whether you’re a commercial gym or a home enthusiast, our racks and rigs are the perfect way to enhance your home fitness equipment setup. 

    Our range of racks and rigs are robust, multi-functional and designed to meet the challenges of even the most hardcore workout regime. We offer a range of freestanding and wall-mounted rigs, as well as a variety of accessories to enable a wide range of exercises and workout routines. 

    Racks and Rigs Range

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    If you’re building up your home or commercial gym, adjustable dumbbells can be a great investment. Not only are they space-saving, but they are also highly versatile and cost-effective. 

    If you’re working out at home or even in a small gym, one of your major challenges is space. To kit yourself out with a full range of dumbbells is going to take up a ton of space and be extremely expensive. Your best solution is loadable dumbbells. 

    You can quickly and easily increase or decrease the weights meaning you swap between many different exercises throughout your workout. Whether you’re toning your arms, building up your legs, or just wanting a full body workout, an adjustable dumbbell is the ultimate tool.

    Adjustable Dumbbell Range:

    And we’ll be adding more soon. 

    Kettlebell Exercise Videos

    As well as offering a quality range of UK-made home and commercial gym equipment, we also offer a range of top tips and tutorial videos for kettlebell users. Follow badass trainer, Luke, as he takes you step-by-step through all of the major kettlebell exercises. Whether you’re a complete beginner starting out with kettlebell swings or an expert our

    Commercial Gym Equipment

    Original Kettlebell supplies commercial gym equipment. We offer a range of cast iron kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, racks and rigs. All of our commercial gym equipment is made in Britain and supplied at a volume discount price to commercial gyms. Our equipment is supplied by our manufacturers and delivered within the UK. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we can discuss our products that can be built and tailored to your requirements.

    Home Gym Equipment

    Don’t have time to get to the gym? Or perhaps you’re tired of paying personal trainers a monthly fee? If you’re ready to bring the gym home, we can help you to choose and purchase the perfect gym equipment. 

    Whatever your fitness goal — building muscle, losing weight, or getting lean —  we can help. Our range of quality UK-made equipment is designed to fit seamlessly into your home setup, however big or small. 

    We have a range of cast iron kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, racks and rigs, designed for home use. All of our items can be used by beginners and experts alike, so take a look at our products and get in touch if you need any help or advice along the way. We look forward to smashing your fitness goals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What equipment is needed for a commercial gym?

    There is a huge selection of equipment you could purchase for a commercial gym. The right items will depend on many factors, for example, your gym size, your budget, and even your clientele. If you're looking for weightlifting equipment or racks and rigs, we can help. We have a quality range of cast iron kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, squat racks, and rigs.

    What is the best commercial gym equipment?

    Again, this depends on many factors. There's no right or wrong commercial gym equipment, it will depend on your budget, your gym, your clientele, and your personal preferences. We like versatile pieces of equipment like kettlebells and dumbbells that can be used and re-used for a wide variety of exercises. We believe this is how you get the best value for money and also the best workout.

    Where can I buy home gym equipment online?

    There are many websites that sell gym equipment. At Original Kettlebell, we offer a quality range of UK-made items to compliment your gym setup.

    What equipment should I buy for a gym at home?

    Again, the answer does depend. We believe that you can get a well-rounded workout at home with a handful of good quality items. A kettlebell is an incredibly versatile piece of kit which can be used for many different exercises, as is an adjustable dumbbell. A rack or rig can be used for home gyms with a little more space and can supercharge your workout to the next level.

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