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    Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    by Sam Franklin

    Step by Step Guide to the Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    Step 1: The Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    Make sure you have learnt the Kettlebell 2 Hand Clean before starting this exercise.  To begin, line up the malleolus, the ankle bell, with the horn of the bell.

    Step 2: The Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    Chop and drop the hips to find your hip hinge position.  Put both hands on the bell and pack the shoulders - roll the shoulder blades back and down.  

    Step 3: The Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    Drive up and get the kettlebell on the chest, sliding the hands down the sides of the horn.  Squeeze the glutes, abs and quads.  

    Step 4: The Kettlebell 2 Hand Press

    Making sure you duck the chin back, punch the kettlebell overhead.  Try to get the biceps close to the ears and lock the elbows.  Return the kettlebell to the chest and repeat.  When you've finished your reps, park the bell.

    Kettlebell 2 Hand Press video transcript

    This is the kettlebell tutorial for the kettlebell 2 Hand Press. 

    So, if you haven’t already, make sure you learn the kettlebell 2 hand clean, because that’s how we’re going to get the kettlebell to the start position. 

    This is an upper body focused movement that’s going to be working on our deltoids, the muscles of the shoulder, and our traps, the muscles of the neck. 

    First, we need to clean the bell.  So, we’re going to line up the ankle bone with the malleolus. 

    We’re going to chop and drop. 

    Packing the shoulder, we’re going to drive up and get the kettlebell onto chest. 

    From there, we’re going to squeeze the glutes and quads and abs.  Chin ducks back, punch kettlebell overhead. 

    Reset to chest, make sure you’re squeezing those glutes, those quads and those abs. 

    Crunch kettlebell overhead, making sure we get those elbows locked out every rep. 

    Once you’ve done your reps, you’re going to park the bell. 

    At the top position, I want you to focus on locking the elbows out, getting the biceps to ear. 

    I always want the abs to be on, glutes to be on and the quads to be squeezed. 

    That is your video tutorial for the kettlebell 2 Hand Press

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