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    U.K. Engineered Loadable Dumbbell Set

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      Sold In Pairs
      Collars not included
      20kg Pair Set
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      30kg Pair Set
      undefined 374.99
      40kg Pair Set
      undefined 449.99
      Plates (4x2.5kg)
      undefined 74.99
      Plates (4x1.25kg)
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      Made in the UK




      Product Description

      The Original Loadable Dumbbell: As an alternative to storing a full set of traditional dumbbells and switching between different weight increments, the Original plate loadable Dumbbell offers a loadable sleeve length of 142mm allowing the addition of up to 14 x 2.5kg change plates per bar. Designed specifically for home gyms this plate loadable dumbbell is the ultimate piece of kit for home fitness.

      The Plate Loadable Dumbbell: Up Close

      An up-close-and-personal look at Original Plate Loadable Dumbbell

      The Loadable Bar

      Our bar is machined from a 65mm solid bar, fully knurled handle, with a total bar length of 450mm and 50mm loadable sleeve lengths of 142mm.

      The Change Plates

      Our change plates fit a 50mm olympic sleeve diameter and weigh in at 2.5kg per plate. Our plates are flat sided and fit neatly on the bar taking up minimal space.

      The Collars

      We do not supply collars with our loadable dumbbell however we recommend Lock jaw PRO Barbell Collar 50mm which are available from amazon.

      What is a loadable dumbbell?

      A loadable dumbbell is a dumbbell bar and change plate system that can be used as an alternative to buying a full set of fixed dumbbells. The change plate system is an excellent choice for home gyms as they take up far less space in comparison to traditional dumbbell sets. Most loadable dumbbells are either 1" or 2" (Olympic 50mm) bars and work with the corresponding size weight plates. The weights are secured to the bar with either a collar or screw thread system.

      How much does a loadable dumbbell weigh?

      Generally, loadable dumbbells weigh between 20 and 40kg depending on the set you purchase however they can go as high as 65kgs. Our standard loadable bars weight 5kg and each plate weighs 2.5kgs. It is possible to do high rep exercises using just the bar without adding any weight plates. The Original Loadable dumbbell weighs a total of 40kg per dumbbell (35kg of plates and 5kg of bar) they are sold in pairs totalling 80kg of metal in the finished product.

      Are adjustable dumbbells worth it?

      Yes. If you are looking for a versatile set of weights then an adjustable or loadable dumbbell is a great way to go. Loadable is more robust that an adjustable dumbbell with a weight selection mechanism as there are less things to break and go wrong, actually it's practically impossible to break a loadable dumbbell unless you drop them from a height meaning they should last for a lifetime. The majority of the cost of the dumbbell is the raw material, 80kg of metal is not cheap but in comparison to purchasing a full set of fixed dumbbells they offer great value. For more customer opinions on our loadable dumbbells please read our reviews below.

      Why are dumbbells so expensive?

      Mainly due to the amount of metal required to make each set. The finished dumbbell might weigh 40kg but there is generally a high percentage of scrap metal created during the manufacturing process which further increases the price of the set. Due to the number of parts that each require turning, painting, packing and shipping the cost soon adds up. With that said they are still good value considering the amount of workout options available from a single set of dumbbells.

      Are loadable dumbbell suitable for a home gym?

      Yes, any loadable dumbbell is a great choice for home gym use. They take up very little space and offer the user a wide range of workout options.

      What is the best type of Knurling for a dumbbell handle?

      We use a custom diamond knurl which is offers the required grip without cutting into your hands. Our knurling has a 5mm centre line which is not knurled. We use large rads on the interface between the grip and the sleeve to increase the bar strength and reduce the risk of bending the bar when dropped. Please not the bar will bend if loaded dumbbells are dropped from head height.

      Can you manufacture custom bars to take additional weight?

      If you require a set of 60kg or even 65kg we are happy to make a set of custom bars for you. We charge a fee for the additional CNC program change fee for these custom bars but can make these for you, please note there will be a time delay for these items as we generally need to order custom material to change the sleeve length. Please contact us via our contact page for custom orders - please enter your email address and a full description of what you want us to make along with dimensions. 

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      We charge a flat fee for shipping of £9.99


      Bar Dimensions

      LENGTH: 450mm

      KNURLED CENTRE: 28.5mm diamond knurl

      OLYMPIC LOADABLE SLEEVE: 50mm Diameter x 142mm sleeve

      FINISH: E-Coat

      Plate Dimensions

      WIDTH: 10mm
      DIAMETER: 208.5
      CENTER BORE: 51.5


      MATERIAL: Manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum
      LINING: Rubberized interior lining


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