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    Squat Racks

    Adjustable Home Squat Rack

    1800mm Squat Rack 60x60mm Box Construction
    From £415
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    Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

    2400mm Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar 60x60mm Box Construction
    From £449
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    Squat Rack

    1800mm Commercial Squat Rack 75x75mm Box Construction
    From £499.00
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    Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

    2400mm Squat Rack & Pull Up Bar 75x75mm Box Construction
    From £549
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    Half Power Rack

    2400mm Half Power Rack 75x75mm Box Construction
    From £599
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    A squat rack is one of the most valuable pieces of gym equipment you can have in a home gym setup and with a small range of attachments such as dips bars and a pull up bar a squat rack will be a foundational piece of equipment you will use in every workout.

    There are a number of very cheap squat racks on the market and while the Original Squat rack is by no means the cheapest option available our racks offer really excellent value for money.

    Five reasons why you should choose our Squat Rack:

    1. We design and manufacture everything here in the UK
    2. Our racks are made from 75x75x3mm box section meaning our racks are heavy duty
    3. We use a standard M16 hardware across all racks we manufacture ensuring your rack will last for years to come
    4. Each rack is compatible with all our attachments as we use a standard size box section for all racks
    5. We manufacture all racks using CNC milling machines to ensure there is no play in any fittings and your rack will not flex under load

    We offer a wide range of squat racks, all our squat racks are suitable for home for gym use and all are designed for performance, safety, and ease of use.

    Which rack should you choose?

    For home use our smallest rack standing at 1.8m high offers a wide range of attachments and is suitable for home gyms with limited floor space. If space is really at a premium then the wall mounted squat rack might be a more suitable choice.

    For those with a large garage space of a dedicated room in the house with a high ceiling then the 2.4m high racks offer slightly more versatility and the option to benefit from our integrated pull bar system.

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