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    Kettlebell Head Cutters

    by Sam Franklin

    Step by Step Guide to Kettlebell Head Cutters

    Step 1: The Kettlebell Head Cutter

    This exercise assumes that you already know how to do the squat clean so, if you don't, make sure you go back and watch that video.  To start, line up the ankle bones with the kettlebell.

    Step 2: The Kettlebell Head Cutters

    Chop and drop the hips, finding your hip hinge position.  Put both hands on bell and pack the shoulders - squeeze the shoulder blades back and down.

    Step 3: The Kettlebell Head Cutters

    Then do a high pull, dropping into a low squat - Drive up, bring the kettlebell to chest and sliding the hands down the side of the horn, then drop down into a low squat.  

    Step 4: The Kettlebell Head Cutters

    Drive up out of the hole, stand tall and punch the kettlebell over head.  Keep your abs strong.

    Step 5: The Kettlebell Head Cutters

    Get the kettlebell back to chest and then reset to the floor.  Pack the shoulders, push the floor way, squat clean and then punch the kettlebell overhead.  Return the kettlebell to the chest and reset to the floor.  Repeat until you have completed your reps.

    Kettlebell head cutter exercises

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    Kettlebell Head Cutters video transcript

    This is the video tutorial for Kettlebell Head Cutters. 

    Already assumes you know how to do a squat clean.  If you don’t, make sure you go back and watch that video. 

    Essentially, what we’re going to be doing is a squat clean and then, when we’re in the lower position, we’re going to drive out the hole and punch the arms overhead. 

    So, we almost have a thruster after we’ve done the squat clean. 

    So, looks like.   

    Lining up those ankle bones with the kettlebell. 

    Chopping and dropping the hips. 

    Hands on bell, squeezing shoulder blades back and down. 

    High pull dropping into low squat.  So high pull, low squat. 

    Drive out the hole, punch arms overhead.  Keep the abs strong. 

    Get the kettlebell back to chest. 

    Reset to floor.

    Pack shoulders, push floor away, squat clean, punch overhead. 

    Reset, find your hinge, pack shoulder, drive up, squat clean, punch kettlebell overhead. 

    That is the kettlebell head cutter. 

    Your prime movers are going to be hamstrings, glutes, erectors and abs. 

    For the squat clean we’re going to be using the quads and then, for the press overhead, we’re going to be using the muscles of the shoulder. 

    That is Kettlebell Head Cutters.

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